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  • Go-to-Market Planning & Guidance Systems

  • Building The Launch Pad

  • Deeper Competitive Analysis

  • The Right Stuff - On Target Messaging

  • Launch Windows of Opportunity

  • Mission Critical Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

  • Art Direction

  • Photo and Video Direction

  • Digital Marketing

Markets Served

  • Consumer Electronics / Home Theater / Pro AV

  • Consumer and Business Networking Products

  • Imaging and Surveillance Video Products

  • IoT Solutions / Home Automation

  • Software / SaaS / Cloud Solutions / Apps

  • Hospitality / Consumer Goods

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"The first, and arguably one of the best creative directors I've ever had the pleasure of working with is Brian Watt. Brian constantly challenged me to expand beyond my skill sets and leave my comfort zones. His patience, empathy and absolute confidence in my abilities enabled me to become a better creative all around. I'm firmly convinced that the success I've achieved as an award winning creative director, graphic user interface designer, writer and now published author has everything to do with the fact that Brian knew exactly what my potential was before even I did and expertly culled that potential not only to the benefit of his department but also to the betterment of my career. I will forever be grateful for Brian's tutelage and would unequivocally recommend him to any organization that cares about an efficient and a solid work ethic expertly woven into a quick wit and endearing charm."

— Dani Kollin, Creative Director, The Midnight Oil Agency

"Brian has a great understanding of how to effectively market and promote business concepts and products to every level. He is a true leader willing to share his ideas and always looking out for the best solution. I admire his expertise and professionalism and look forward to working with him again on other opportunites." 

— David Downer, Inside Channel Account Manager, D-Link Systems, Inc.

"I valued Brian's creativity and his ability to communicate complex technical concepts to a variety of audiences. He had excellent rapport with the engineering and product marketing side of the business, exhibiting a grasp of technical issues uncommon with most marketing professionals. As a manager Brian’s ability to bring in projects on time and within budget earned him the respect of the Cisco/Linksys executive team, who placed him in charge of all worldwide product launch execution. This position required a great deal of organization and stress management, and Brian was always up to the task. His ability to strategize and analyze marketing initiatives displayed a long-term 'big picture' viewpoint that enabled the marketing team to prevent, or at least foresee, potential issues. Brian was instrumental in the creation and development of Cisco’s consumer packaging, and successfully fostered cooperation between his team of graphic designers and writers and other key stakeholders." 

— Ken Brock, Copywriter, Exemplis (retired)


Let's Do Launch

Are you a go or no-go for launch? 

Are you launching your products or services effectively? Have the right messaging?

Networking | Home Automation | IoT Solutions

Imaging and Surveillance Video Products

Home Theater | Pro AV

Hospitality | Consumer Goods

Brian Watt's artwork now available as art prints, framed prints, and other merchandise on Fine Art America and Pixels.

Artwork for Pubs and Restaurants

Artwork for Pubs and Restaurants

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